Blog 0000001: Why Long Run Leadership?

When I decided to start this company, I wanted to inspire real change.

Every consultant basically says that same thing. So how is Long Run Leadership different?

It’s different because Long Run Leadership doesn’t want to help you make changes just for tomorrow, or just this month, or just this quarter. I want your changes to matter - to really matter. And to me, that means these changes should stand the test of time. I want clients who want to be in it for the “long run.”

Sometimes we spend our seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and years focusing on just making it to the next thing. I want to inspire people to value the “long run.” I want to work with clients who have, or want to gain the mindset of the “long run.” I bet if you’ve read this far in a blog, you’re the right person for me to be talking with. So, let’s keep talking.

Truth be told, there is a cornier reason for the name of this company. Running is a personal passion for me. It is about more than just a form of exercise. It takes discipline, passion, planning, strategy, patience and a whole host of other concepts that I call the “long run mindset.” From time to time, I’ll share a bit of that runner mindset with a client and I always been surprised at how much they benefit from it.

What I have come to notice over the many years working with clients is that this mindset seems to be the primary differentiator between those that make changes that are sustainable, and those that get a temporary improvement before an inevitable backslide. Almost anyone can get results for a little while. We’ve all lost a few pounds only to see them magically reappear. We’ve all patched up an important relationship, only to see it return to a stressful place. And we’ve all found a way to get the financial results we are after, if only for a month or a quarter. But it takes a mindset shift to get those results repeatedly.

You might be saying to yourself: “First of all, Eric, I hate running. Second of all, you are really limiting your market. Get to the point!”

Well, I have good news for you! I’ve discovered that this mindset isn’t something unique to runners or athletes. Anyone can learn it. And anyone can benefit from it. You don’t have to like running at all to learn the mindset.

This mindset unlocks leaders, teams and organizations to achieve their goals, and enables them to keep achieving them. The mindset shift doesn’t happen overnight - it happens in increments over time. This is about long term sustainable results.

It’s why I've added six zeros to the number of this blog. It’s a symbolic reminder to me that this blog, this company, and the mindset I want to share with you is going to take time.

If you’re someone who wants to participate in furthering the message of the long run, connect with me, check back, comment, or tell a friend about this blog.

Happy Long Running!

Eric Zakovich, founder and principal consultant of Long Run Leadership Consulting has been working with leaders, teams, and organizations since 1999.